Breast augmentation is indeed a confidence-boosting cosmetic procedure for some women who have grown unhappy with their breasts. Women’s breasts may lose volume because of age, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. For some women who are not gifted with voluptuous and symmetrical breasts, this cosmetic procedure is a way to have the right size of breasts they desire and to achieve a balanced body proportion.

There are two options on how to have breast augmentation nyc. The first option is through a silicone or saline implantation. Breast implantation with these solutions are generally safe and have been the procedure used to countless women who wanted to add more volume to their breast. Although ruptures of the implants cannot be eliminated, there are no side effects to the human body should a rupture occur.

The second option is through a fat transfer breast augmentation. This procedure uses liposuction to suck fats from other parts of the body and inject them into the breast. More and more women are now going for this option because of the following advantages.

Fat Removal from Unwanted Areas

The process of breast augmentation through fat transfer requires that you have some body fats somewhere in your body. These unwanted body fats are removed through liposuction and injected to your breasts to give the volume you desire.

Honestly, fat transfer breast augmentation is like shooting two birds at the same time. You get rid of unwanted body fats while giving your breasts a new life.

No Foreign Objects

Some women may not be open-minded with the idea of inserting foreign materials into their bodies. Although silicone and saline solutions are safe, they may not be comfortable with this option. Fat transfer is a more natural alternative when it comes to breast augmentation.

No Cuts, No Scars

Women who are afraid to go under the knife will find this alternative more suitable. There is no need for incisions on your skin when you go for fat transfer breast augmentation. Unlike implantation, fats are only injected into the breast, leaving only small marks. This procedure does not also cause much discomfort or swelling in the area.

Faster Recovery Time

Because this breast augmentation option does not require surgery, recovery time can be quick, and you can return to work almost immediately. The procedure can last for only a few hours, and the patient can go home afterward.

There may be some downsides of this breast augmentation procedure, but looking for the most experienced and reputable professional to administer it should give you the peace of mind.